Why The Braggs Mountain Buff?

1The Braggs Mountain Buff is a large, strikingly beautiful buff chicken with generous golden plumage. Being dual producers of eggs and meat, they are ideal for the small farm or backyard flock. They possess the unique quality of being prolific layers of jumbo sized brown eggs.

Egg customers and those purchasing retirees from the original breeding flock have had great praise for these chickens and their unusually large eggs. This new breed with these unique characteristics has the potential to become a universally popular poultry breed.






Now that the electric incubator has become easily available, broodiness in hens is,for most farms, a major inconvenience. Unlike the other buff breeds, only rarely do Braggs Mountain Buff hens become broody.

These golden buff chickens make a very attractive flock. They are excellent foragers. Having gentle dispositions, they also stand up well to confinement. A flock of these handsome golden birds will be a source of never-ending pride.